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The Best Time to Visit Miami, FL

The Best Time of Year for a Year-Round Party Destination?

There’s no bad time to visit Miami Beach. There’s a reason that Miami Beach is the first choice for professional athletes once they get to choose where to go. If you want to go wild, Miami Beach is the place to go. And of course, since this is the southernmost point of the east coast, the weather is great all year round. How could you go wrong?

While there are no bad times, there are some peak times that you may want to avoid if you’re looking to keep costs down. There are also some times in December and January where it isn’t as warm as it should be. This means that local Miami residents will tend to stay away from the beaches.

Now what we’re talking about would not be considered ‘cold’ by anyone who lives in the Northeast, but for the locals the temperature are too cold for bikinis.

Best Time: March and May

According to, during these months the weather is hot, but the rates are low. You can save thousands on hotels and airfare if you travel to Miami Beach during these months, but you will still get all the sun, sand, and vibrant nightlife you would get from those peak months.
best time to visit miami beach florida

You also don’t have to fight the crowds for restaurants and nightclubs, which means you can do more on your vacation in less time.

The ‘Worst Time’? August

Surprised you, didn’t we? Even though winters aren’t as hot as other times of the year, crowds of Americans still flock south during the winter to get some much needed sunshine. This means that rates are at their peaks.

The reason we chose August is because it’s right in the middle of hurricane season. And while it’s not guaranteed that there will be a hurricane, you can be sure to experience lots of sudden downpours and thunderstorms around this time.

It’s also hot…really hot. This is the muggy kind of heat that leaves you laying in bed sweating. This is not exactly the best time to spend your two weeks of vacation if you can barely make it out of bed because it’s so muggy out.

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