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Best Time to Visit Boston, MA

When’s the Best Time to Visit Boston?

Many people visit Boston for different reasons: maybe you found a 24 hour sale on Cheapoair. Maybe it’s because there are so many Universities in the surrounding areas (i.e. Harvard and MIT,) with rich histories and unique architecture. There is the Boston Marathon, which attracts hundreds of thousands to the city each year. There are also countless colonial museums, tours and buildings to look at in Boston’s city center.

Like New York City, the fall season means that the leaves change and make the city parks and trails a wonderful place to visit. However unlike NYC, there no major Christmas celebrations. That may actually be good, if you are looking for a quiet place to celebrate Christmas and avoid the crowds. It’s the same climate as New York, but without the massive crowds.

The Absolute Best Time: October

Let us qualify this by saying that it is absolutely the best time when the Boston Red Sox are playing playoff baseball. This city is electric when the Red Sox are in the playoffs. Expect to dish out a few high fives to strangers when you’re walking down the street.
In addition to playoff excitement, October also boasts the beautiful changing leaves, as well as lots of university-folk walking around (they are always up to something weird and interesting).

The Second Best Time: Spring

Boston in the springtime is another amazing time. The crazy cold Boston winter means that local Bostonians really appreciate when the weather starts to warm up. April and May are particularly nice: warm but not muggy (as it tends to get in late summer).
Activities: There’s the Freedom Trail, which is a stretch of 2.5 miles with over a dozen sites related to the Revolutionary War. With the nice weather this turns into a great little adventure.

The Worst Time? late-April (unless you’re a marathon runner!)

Again this comes with a qualification. The Boston Marathon is one of the world’s largest marathons. That means the city is going to be absolutely full of runners and their supporters for a week or more. Hotel and air rates skyrockets at this time, so unless you are actually participating in the Marathon it’s best to visit at another time of year.

University Tours in the Boston Area:


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