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Best Time of Year to Visit NYC

The Best Time(s) To Visit NYC!

That’s right, we had to make this plural. Because there are so many awesome activities in what could arguably called the most diverse city in the world, we couldn’t decide on an absolute ‘best time’ to visit New York City. So we divided it up based on what kind of person you are, and what kind of activities you enjoy doing.

Option 1: Christmas and New Years

The Greatness:

There’s nothing like Christmas in New York. You are more than likely to see snow on the ground at that time of year, as well as Christmas shoppers darting in and out of famous retail locations like Macy’s and Bloomingdales. You can head to the world famous ice rink at Rockefeller Center and skate with your loved ones. Very few places are as picturesque as skating under the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Then there is Times Square on New Years Eve. There’s no better place to be to ring in the new year than Times Square. If massive amounts of people in one area makes you nervous (if you have any crowd anxiety, this is the place to discover it), try to grab a hotel room that overlooks Times Square (book far in advance: they fill up!)



Option 2: Late September

People used to more temperate climates might not acclimatize themselves well to New York’s muggy summer season in July and August. But September is the place to be in New York for a myriad of reasons:

  • Hot, But Not Too Hot – The weather cools down, but it is still sunny for most of September and still hot enough to wear a t-shirt outside.
  • Fall Fashion – New York is a stylish city, and fall is the most stylish season. If you appreciate well-dressed ladies and gentleman walking the streets of New York, you could make a whole day out of people watching.
  • Manhattanenge – Say what? New York’s streets are angled in such a way that, on September 21st, the sun will set right along the streets, and beautiful pink/orange sun rays will light up the streets perfectly for a few minutes. It’s a real phenomenon.
  • Changing of the Seasons – And of course the changing of the leaves makes for a beautiful scenic walk through Central Park. To get the full experience, there are hundreds of tours that will take you out of NYC to the surrounding areas to see the changing leaves.


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