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Visiting Central Park in NYC

Visiting NYC’s Central Park when the leaves change is a definite must-do.

Our mission is simple: to give you informed reviews of popular coastal cities along the east coast of the United States and let you know the best time of year to visit each location.

The Most Popular Time vs. The Best Time

Maybe you want to visit Miami, but you don’t want to find yourself visiting during the middle of a parade, where hotel and restaurants costs will skyrocket. Especially if you’re not interested in the parade in question. We will give you a head’s up about the times when that city will be absolutely packed, versus when the crowds leave but you can still enjoy the best the city has to offer.

Conversely, if you visit the city only to find it in ‘work mode’, where people have no patience for tourists and just want to get to work on time, can make you feel like you wasted a vacation. We will warn you when a city is in ‘boring mode’.

Travel Resources:

We also give you the absolute best resources for making sure you get the best experience possible for the most value. We will point you to popular blogs in each city that will tell you all about a city’s ‘hidden gems’. We will also point you to discount sites that’ll save you hundreds of dollars on hotels, restaurants and activities.

For Hotels:

In general we recommend either or for booking hotels. Most online travel websites are owned by the same company, but offers discount codes that are better than anywhere else. We don’t post them here, since they tend to change every week. But if you go to a website that reliably has coupon codes.

As for the other travel websites, they are all owned by one of two companies:

These travel websites are all part of two companies, and also use the same reservation system. So unless you book directly with an airline (which can sometimes be cheaper), you will get the same prices overall.


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